Dedication or Obsession?

With only about 20 races on the calender per season, every race is crucial. Not only for the teams and drivers, but fans.

Fans of F1 are perhaps one of the most dedicated I have seen of most sports. Whether it be waking up at 5am for qualifying, staying tuned for free practice (even though it has no bearing on race results really) and better yet, not even switching off when qualifying/race has been delayed for several hours (e.g. Korea 2010, Canada 2011). It’s a sport that requires dedication on all fronts.

I love that when I get on my Twitter to tweet about the injustices of the steward’s decision or post a pretentious quote on racing, my F1 community is there doing the same thing. Race after race, they’re there, 6am on a Sunday is not usually peak tweeting time, but for fans of F1, it is.

For me, F1 has become my life. From lights out at Spa in 2010, I have been hooked since. I make plans around it, I date the beginning of the season in my diary. A little obsessive I know. But when you want it to be a career choice, it becomes your life. But there are thousands of others who want the same; walking down the pitlane, getting an interview from a Lewis Hamilton fresh from getting his pole, another one from a pissed of Vettel, standing in the Ferrari garage. A dream (sounds corny, YES) shared by thousands of fans. Does this make me a dedicated fan or just an obsessed one?

Some tell me, they love how passionate I am about the sport, and that this passion will get me far. But at the same time, the intensity of my passion can come across a little obsessed, you only have to look at my Twitter to see how much I dedicate my time to it. I laugh at girls who constantly tweet about their obsession with One Direction but how am I any different? But I’m not going to stop just because of this. As I said, it’s a sport of dedication and dedicated I shall remain.



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